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Australasian Native Orchid Society
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Events 2019

10/2/19 - Tuber Day

Sale of terrestrial tubers.

13/2/19 - February Meeting

Presenter Margaret MacDonald.

13/3/18 - March Meeting

Presenter Geoff Beilby.

10/4/18 - April Meeting

Presentation topic "Managing an Endangered Orchid in Native Grassland - Sunshine Diuris".

8/5/18 - May Meeting

Member's talks.

12/6/18 - June Meeting

Anita & Tracey Hinton, "Melbourne International Flower Show".

10/7/18 - July Meeting

Geelong Bowling Club
4-10 Sommers St
Colin & Mischa Rowan will present "Orchids in Their Habitat".

14/8/18 - August Meeting

AGM and Trivia Night.

11/9/18 - September Meeting

Report on the 9th ANOS Orchid Conference and Show.

21 & 22/9/18 - ANGAIR Wildflower & Art Show

Anglesea Memorial Hall
3 McMillan Street
10:00am - 4:00pm


Once a month ANOS Geelong members get together to discuss orchid cultivation and conservation, admire our beautiful Australasian orchids, listen to knowledgeable speakers or just to socialise.

Visitors are always welcome so please come along and join us.

Dendroboum kingianum Bigfoot Gemstone

When We Meet

2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm

Eleven meetings are held each year, from February through to December.

Petalochilus carneus

Where We Meet

Geelong Bowling Club
4-10 Sommers St

Melway Ref. 452-C4

Parking is available in Yarra St and off Little Ryrie St.
Little Ryrie St is one way so enter from Moorabool St.

Dockrillia Green Gem


Each month we have a local, interstate or overseas speaker giving a presentation on topics relating to Australian epiphyte orchids, terrestrial orchids or conservation.

Wed 13 Feb 2019 - February Meeting

Our guest speaker for this meeting will be Margaret MacDonald.

Wed 13 Mar 2019 - March Meeting

Guest speaker Geoff Beilby.

Wed 10 Apr 2019 - April Meeting

John Bradford from Bushscapes will be presenting "Managing an Endangered Orchid in Native Grassland - Sunshine Diuris".

Wed 8 May 2019 - May Meeting

Member's talks.

Wed 12 Jun 2019 - June Meeting

Our guest speakers for this meeting will be Anita and Tracey Hinton who will giving a presentation on the Melbourne International Flower Show.

Wed 10 Jul 2019 - July Meeting

CHANGE OF VENUE: Geelong Bowling Club, 4-10 Sommers St, BELMONT
Although the Wesley Church is a great venue parking is a problem, especially during school holidays. Consequently we will be holding the July meeting at the Geelong Bowling Club which has plenty of parking. If the venue proves to be suitable we will move our monthly meeting here.

Our guest speakers will be Colin and Mischa Rowan who will be presenting "Orchids in Their Habitat".

Wed 14 Aug 2019 - August Meeting

NEW VENUE: Geelong Bowling Club, 4-10 Sommers St, BELMONT
After trialing the Geelong Bowling Club last month committee have decided to move to this new venue for the rest of the year. If it proves popular with members it will become our permanent meeting venue.

Annual General Meeting and Trivia Night.

Wed 11 Sep 2019 - September Meeting

Our guest speakers will be Neil Anderton and Geoff Beilby who will report on the 9th ANOS Orchid Conference and Show, Strathpines, QLD.

Chiloglottis X pescottiana

Display Benches

Members can bring in their orchids and display them on the benches at the meetings so that others may enjoy them.

We are not a judging society but each month the guest speaker is invited to select the orchid they consider to be the best plant on display.

Meeting and Orchid Show Venues