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Australasian Native Orchid Society
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Coming Up

3/10/19 - Conservation Group

Caladenia robinsonii search, Mornington Peninsula.

4/10/19 - October Meeting

Lalita Simpson will present "Evolution of Orchids Through Time and Space".

5/10/19 - Terrestrial Seed Group

Learn the techniques of growing terrestrial orchids from seed.

6/10/19 - Epiphyte Study Group

Hosted by George & Fran Byrne Dimos.

7/10/19 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

11/10/19 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

12/10/19 - Terrestrial Study Group

Day trip to Inverliegh Common, Inverleigh.

13/10/19 - Terrestrial Study Group

CANCELLED - Day trip to Black Hill, Kyneton.

15/10/19 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima and Diuris basaltica site maintenance, Laverton.

16/10/19 - Conservation Group

Prasophyllum fosterii search, Shelford.

20/10/19 - Terrestrial Study Group

Day trip to Crib Point.

21/10/19 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

25/10/19 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

1/11/19 - November Meeting

Andrew Brown presenting "Western Australia's Superb Sun Orchids".


Once a month ANOS Vic. members get together to discuss orchid cultivation and conservation, admire our beautiful Australasian orchids, listen to knowledgeable speakers, to purchase orchids or just to socialise.

Come along and join us.

Sarcochilus Carnival

When We Meet

1st Friday of the month at 8pm

Eleven meetings are held each year, from February through to December.

The formal part of the meeting commences at 8pm, but proceedings start to get underway from about 7pm allowing members and visitors plenty of time to view the orchids and purchase plants from the sales bench.

Chiloglottis jeansii

Where We Meet


Glen Waverley Community Centre,
700 Waverley Road,
Glen Waverley.

The community centre is located in the central reserve opposite the Bowls Club at the south west corner of the intersection of Waverley and Springvale Roads. There is ample off street parking within the reserve.

Melway Map 71 C4/5

Sarcochilus falcatus

Meeting Dates

Meetings are now being held at our new venue, Glen Waverley Community Centre, 700 Waverley Road, GLEN WAVERLEY.
NOTE: This is not to be confused with our Spring Show venue at the Mount Waverley Community Centre

Fri 4 Oct 2019 - October Meeting

Our guest speaker will be Lalita Simpson who will be presenting "Evolution of the orchids through time and space - how biogeography has shaped orchid diversity".

Fri 1 Nov 2019 - November Meeting

Our guest speaker will be Andrew Brown who will be presenting "Western Australia's Superb Sun Orchids".

Fri 6 Dec 2019 - December Meeting

Our guest speaker this month will be Julian Pitcher who will be presenting some of his orchid documentaries.

Eriochilus cucullatus

Question & Answer Time

Each month members are requested to submit their questions regarding the cultivation of epiphytic or terrestrial orchids. Your questions will then be put to expert growers at the meeting for answers which will subsequently be published in the Bulletin.

Dendrobium Lustrous x Vivid

Display Benches

Terrestrial Display Bench

Members can bring in their orchids and display them on the benches at the meetings so that others may enjoy them.

We are not a judging society so orchids are not compared and rated against each other.  However we do award certificates for good culture.  To receive a certificate an orchid must be owned by the grower for a minimum of 3 years and should be grown well for that particular species or hybrid.

Linguella nana

Help Table

If you are having problems with growing a particular orchid, bring it along to the help table and our members will be happy to give their advice on how to best care for it.

If your orchid has an insect infestation, rust or viral disease please cover it to prevent it from contaminating other orchids benched at the meeting.

Peristochilus Olive Grace

Sales Bench

Castle Creek Orchids

At each meeting there are always orchids for sale.  Both mature orchids and seedlings are available from members and sometimes from commercial sellers.

We also sell publications on the care of orchids as well as other merchandise. For a complete list please refer to our merchandise page .

Pterostylis melagramma


Visitors are always welcome to our meetings.  Come along and meet our members and see for yourself what an active organisation we are before deciding to join.