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Coming Up

25/05/24 - Conservation Group

Shrub and grass planting, Plenty Gorge.

1/06/24 - Conservation Group

Grassland herb planting, Laverton.

1/06/24 - Terrestrial Seed Group

Learn the techniques of growing terrestrial orchids from seed.

2/06/24 - Epiphyte Study Group

Hosted by George and Fran Byrne-Dimos, topic De-flasking.

3/06/24 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

7/06/24 - June Meeting

John Varigos presenting "Mt Rimau, Long Pasia, Sabah - A Love Affair"

8-10/06/24 - Terrestrial Study Group

King's Birthday long weekend trip to Wilsons Promontory.

10-14/06/24 (2 Days) - Conservation Group

Caladenia amonea reintroductions, Nilumbik.

15/06/24 - Conservation Group

Indigenous habitat planting, Plenty Gorge.

17-21/06/24 (2 Days) - Conservation Group

Diuris basaltica reintroductions, Parwan.

23/06/24 - Terrestrial Study Group

Trip to Brisbane Ranges with orchid drawing activity.

24/06/24 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

24-28/06/24 (4 Days) - Conservation Group

Caladenia robinsonii reintroductions, Mornington Peninsula.

5/07/24 - July Meeting

Guest speaker & presentation topic to be advised.


The Orchid Stewards group is a new group established in 2023. The goal of this group is to engage the next generation of orchid stewards by promoting stewardship for the beautiful and unique orchids of Australia. We also want to encourage and facilitate knowledge exchange between new and old members of ANOS Vic that may have varying experiences with orchid conservation. Although this group will focus on orchids, we also want to spark interest in botany/ecology in general so we will try and include other interesting plant species when we are out and about.

All members are welcome to join our Orchid Stewards activities and we will try and include collaborative activities with other groups, such as the Terrestrial Study Group and Conservation Group, to facilitate knowledge exchange among members. Like other groups, some of our activities may have limited numbers to avoid any damage to sensitive areas, meaning you will need to register so we can keep track of numbers and provide activity details.

Our activities will include hiking and camping to observe orchids in the wild, conservation activities such as assisting with site management and targeted searches, learning propagation techniques and getting involved in experimental trials.

Dendrobium delacatum X kingianum


All orchid related activities and outings are dependent on the orchid flowering time, local events, seasonal conditions and in some cases the availability of a guide.

All field trips, particularly those held during Spring and Summer, will be subject to review dependent upon rainfall and fires etc.

Combined group field trips are often primarily conservation activities but there is a high possibility that you will also encounter a variety of other orchids.

Event details will be confirmed closer to the date so check this page and the current Bulletin to keep abreast of any updates as they become available.  All details regarding the event organiser, requirements, meeting places and times will be printed in the Bulletin in the month prior to the activity.

For further information contact the Orchid Stewards Group Coordinator.

Just because an activity is advertised on this site as going ahead
there may well be limits on the number of members who may attend. Therefore...

You must register with the activity organiser to find out whether you may attend
and to be kept up to date of any last minute changes.

Unfortunately all Orchid Stewards activities are on hold for the time being due to Brendan’s work commitments.

Brendan Janissen


Orchid Stewards Group Coordinator - Brendan Janissen.

If you have any questions about the Orchid Stewards Group or wish to find out more about the group's activities, contact Brendan.
Alternatively, become a member of ANOS Vic. to receive your copy of the Bulletin which publishes details about these and other upcoming events.

For information relating to the Orchid Stewards Group please contact Brendan Janissen