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Australasian Native Orchid Society
(Geelong Group) Inc.

Events 2019

10/2/19 - Tuber Day

Sale of terrestrial tubers.

13/2/19 - February Meeting

Presenter Margaret MacDonald.

13/3/19 - March Meeting

Presenter Geoff Beilby.

10/4/19 - April Meeting

Presentation topic "Managing an Endangered Orchid in Native Grassland - Sunshine Diuris".

8/5/19 - May Meeting

Member's talks.

12/6/19 - June Meeting

Anita & Tracey Hinton, "Melbourne International Flower Show".

10/7/19 - July Meeting

Geelong Bowling Club
4-10 Sommers St
Colin & Mischa Rowan will present "Orchids in Their Habitat".

14/8/19 - August Meeting

AGM and Trivia Night.

11/9/19 - September Meeting

Report on the 9th ANOS Orchid Conference and Show.

12/10/19 - Field Trip

Day trip to Inverliegh Common, Inverleigh.

21 & 22/9/19 - ANGAIR Wildflower & Art Show

Anglesea Memorial Hall
3 McMillan Street
10:00am - 4:00pm

2/11/19 - ANOS Geelong Spring Show

Christ Church Hall
Cnr Moorabool & McKillop Streets
9:00am - 4:00pm


The Australasian Native Orchid Society (Geelong Group) Inc., is an organisation of both amateur and professional orchid enthusiasts dedicated to the cultivation, conservation and scientific study of native orchids in the Australasian region.

We are one of many groups which operate throughout the region under the ANOS parent body.  We are a society with over 100 members and organise trips and conservation activities in Geelong and surrounding areas of Victoria.

Pterostylis stricta

Our Objectives

ANOS (Geelong Group) Inc. promotes the appreciation, culture, propagation and scientific knowledge of the native orchids of Australasia; encourages the propagation of endangered orchid species of our region; promotes the conservation of the orchids of Australasia in their native habitats; and discourages the destruction of their environment.

Dendrobium X gracillum

What We Do

ANOS Geelong holds formal meetings once a month, where members can display their Australasian orchids, listen to learned speakers on various orchid related topics and discuss aspects of orchid culture and conservation.

Apart from our regular meetings and activities we publish a monthly newsletter, which reports on our previous activities and upcoming events as well as containing articles on our orchids and their culture.

Thelymitra merraniae

Our Emblem

Thelymitra merraniae (Merran's Sun Orchid), is an orchid thought to have become extinct until its rediscovery in 1992. Growing in Anglesea this orchid is one of the most endangered orchids growing within the Geelong group's region. Its vulnerability reinforces the commitment ANOS Geelong has towards the conservation of our native orchids.