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Coming Up

1/2/19 - February Meeting

Jürg von Känel will present "The Orchids of Switzerland".

2/2/19 - Terrestrial Seed Group

Learn the techniques of growing terrestrial orchids from seed.

3/2/19 - Conservation & Terrestrial Study Groups

Annual Planning Meeting.

3/2/19 - Epiphyte Study Group

Hosts George & Fran Byrne-Dimos.

1/3/19 - March Meeting

Speaker and topic TBA.



The Conservation Group is highly active with activities planned throughout the year.  Activities are more loosely organised than the other groups due to the nature of conservation work.  Monitoring normally needs to be carried out at the peak of the flowering season, not necessarily when it is convenient for members.  Likewise weed management should be carried out at the optimum time of year to be most effective.

All members are welcome to join our conservation activities, however some activities are limited to the number we can have on site.  This is to protect the orchids from potential trampling.  Other activities such as searching for rare and endangered orchids usually require as many members as possible to increase our chances of finding them.

Our conservation activities involve monitoring, searching, site management, weed management, translocation and propagation.  Our emphasis is always on managing the orchid sites to help maintain their natural environment.

Our activities are conducted in close association with the relevant management authorities such as the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP), Parks Victoria and Local Councils. Working with these authorities helps foster good relationships between Government and volunteers as well as ensuring that we do our best for the orchids.

Many of our projects are funded by government grants.

Leptoceras menzesii


All field trips, particularly those held during Spring and Summer, will be subject to review dependent upon rainfall and fires etc.  Check back at this web site and refer to the monthly Bulletin to keep abreast of any updates as they become available.


Mon 10 Dec 2018 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance at Sunshine.


There are currently no conservation activities planned for January 2019.


Sun 3 Feb 2019 - Combined Conservation and Terrestrial Study Groups

Planning Meeting. Come along and contribute to planning the conservation activities and terrestrial field trips for 2019.

All dates and activities are subject to change depending upon local events and seasonal conditions.  Event details will be confirmed closer to the date so check this page and the current Bulletin for updates.  All details regarding the event organiser, requirements, meeting places and times will be printed in the Bulletin in the month prior to the activity.

In the interests of the orchids, some of these activities only require a small number of members.  If you wish to become involved in any of these activities please contact our Conservation Officer .

Richard Thomson


Conservation Coordinator - Richard Thomson.

If you have any questions about the Conservation Group or wish to find out more about the group's activities, contact Richard.  Alternatively, become a member of ANOS Vic. to receive your copy of the Bulletin which publishes details about these and other upcoming events.

For information relating to the Conservation Group please contact Richard Thomson