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Coming Up

23/8/19 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

30-31/8/19 - Combined Conservation & Terrestrial Study Groups

Caladenia filamentosa & other endangered Caladenias search around Bendigo.

6/9/19 - September Meeting

Dr. Lilanga Balachandra presenting "Soils & Potting Mixes".

7/9/19 - Terrestrial Seed Group

Learn the techniques of growing terrestrial orchids from seed.

8/9/19 - Epiphyte Study Group

Hosted by Jesse Granger & Bethany Krasey.

9/9/19 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

14-15/9/19 - Conservation & Terrestrial Study Groups

Searches around Dalyenong.

17/9/19 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima and Diuris basaltica site maintenance, Laverton.

21-22/9/19 - Terrestrial Study Group

Trip to Rosedale-Longford and Holey Plains areas.

23/9/19 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

25/9/19 - Conservation Group

Caladenia pumila search, Inverleigh.

27-28/9/19 - Conservation Group

Reintroduction site searches, Stawell & Mt Langi Ghiran.

28 & 29/9/19 - ANOS Victoria Spring Show

Orchid displays and sales. Mount Waverley Community Centre. Open to the general public.

3/10/19 - Conservation Group

Caladenia robinsonii search, Mornington Peninsula.

4/10/19 - October Meeting

Lalita Simpson will present "Evolution of Orchids Through Time and Space".


The Epiphyte Study Group meet once a month, usually on the first Sunday following the monthly meeting.  The group usually meets at a member's shade house or at one of the commercial orchid growers.

Members are welcome to see for themselves how others grow their orchids and get the opportunity to ask questions.  At some of the meetings members can purchase Australian epiphytic orchids.  Often the group selects a particular orchid for discussion and members are encouraged to bring along their own specimen plants for discussion.

Sarcochilus Velvet


Event details will be confirmed closer to the date so check this page and the current Bulletin to keep abreast of any updates as they become available.  All details regarding the event organiser, requirements, meeting places and times will be printed in the Bulletin in the month prior to the activity.

For further information contact the Epiphyte Study Group Coordinator.


Sun 8 Sep 2019 - Epiphyte Study Group

Our hosts for this meeting will be Jesse Granger and Bethany Krasey. The discussion topic this month will be a surprise!


Sun 6 Oct 2019 - Epiphyte Study Group

Venue and discussion topic to be advised.


Sun 3 Nov 2019 - Epiphyte Study Group

Venue and discussion topic to be advised.


Sun 8 Dec 2019 - Epiphyte Study Group

Venue and discussion topic to be advised.


No Epiphyte Study Group activities are currently planned for January during the summer break.


Sun 9 Feb 2020 - Epiphyte Study Group

Venue and discussion topic to be advised.

Dendrobium Victorian Blush

Cultivation Notes

If you are interested in growing Australian native epiphyte orchids and would like to know the basics, click on this link to download a copy of the ANOS Vic. Epiphyte Cultivation Notes . (File size: 86Kb).

These cultivation notes are in Acrobat PDF format.

Jonathon Harrison


Epiphyte Study Group Leader - Jonathon Harrison.

If you have any questions about the Epiphyte Study Group or wish to find out more about the group's activities, contact Jonathon.  Alternatively, become a member of ANOS Vic. to receive your copy of the Bulletin which publishes details about these and other upcoming events.

For information relating to the Epiphyte Study Group please contact Jonathon Harrison