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Coming Up

As a result of the lastest lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19 all meetings have been cancelled until further notice and field activities will only be undertaken while complying with all current government requirements.

The following activities are highly subject to COVID-19 lockdown and travel restrictions.

25 - 27/09/20 - Conservation Group

Proposed search of fire areas in East Gippsland.

31/10/20 - 3/11/20 - Conservation Group

Proposed search of fire areas in East Gippsland.

4/11/20 & Beyond - Conservation Group

Proposed extended search of fire areas in East Gippsland.


The Seed Propagation Group meets once a month, usually on the first Saturday following the monthly meeting.  Meetings are held at the Seed Propagation Group leader's home, where a propagation laboratory has been established for use by members.

This is a hands on practical meeting where members can use a lamina flow cabinet in sterile conditions to propagate orchids from seed.  Meanwhile other members discuss their successes, failures and techniques over afternoon tea.

Apart from getting an opportunity to grow some orchids not readily available, the group also undertakes an important conservation role.  By learning how to propagate difficult to grow species our knowledge contributes to the establishment of ex-situ populations which can help preserve them.

All members are welcome to attend the Seed Propagation Group meetings.  The techniques of orchid seed propagation are not difficult, so come along to the meetings and learn the techniques in a friendly atmosphere, using the equipment provided.

All orchids are protected.  It is illegal to collect plant or seed material from orchids in the wild.

Diuris laxiflora


Terrestrial Cultivation & Seed Propagation Group

Come along and learn the techniques of growing native terrestrial orchids from seed.  As usual there will be opportunities to plate seed and re-plate seedlings, as well as being able to engage in cultivation discussions.

The group has two lamina flow cabinets allowing good access to the flasking facilities.

As COVID-19 restrictions are easing in Victoria the decision has been taken to restart the Terrestrial Cultivation & Seed Propagation Group, with conditions.

Only one laminar flow cabinet will be operating, restricting access to one person working in the lab at any time.
Only one person per hour allowing each person have 50 minutes in the lab, plus 10 minutes for cleaning between sessions.
Access will be through the heated closed in verandah at the rear of the building where there is room for 4 people with appropriate social distancing.

Members will need to book an individual 50 minute session commencing from one of the following time slots:
9:30am, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30pm

To make a booking please contact the Group Leader Richard Thomson.

Sat 3 October 2020 - CANCELLED
Sat 7 November 2020
Sat 5 December 2020
January 2021 - Nothing Scheduled
Caladenia latifolia

Cultivation Notes

If you are interested in growing Australian native terrestrial orchids and would like to know the basics, click on this link to download a copy of the ANOS Vic. Terrestrial Cultivation Notes . (File size: 112Kb).

If you are interested in the background of terrestrial orchid culture and would like some information on why you should be growing terrestrial orchids, click on this link to download a copy of "101 Reasons for Growing Terrestrials" . (File size: 102Kb).  This document is a transcript of the presentation that Helen Richards gave at the national ANOS Conference in 2010.

These notes are in Acrobat PDF format.

Richard Thomson


Seed Propagation Group Leader - Richard Thomson.

If you have any questions about the Seed Propagation Group or wish to find out more about the group's activities, contact Richard.  Alternatively, become a member of ANOS Vic. to receive your copy of the  Bulletin which publishes details about these and other upcoming events.

Send E-Mail to Richard Thomson.